Honourable Martiris of Drayke

Son of a baron with a bad attitude


AC17Hit Points13
Speed30 ft.Hit Dice1d10

Initiative +3

Str18 (+4)Dex16 (+3)*Con17 (+3)
Int14 (+2)Wis14 (+2)Cha14 (+2)

* Disadvantage on any check to hide or move silently due to scale mail armor.


Bastard Sword: +5. Hit: 1d8 + 4 slashing damage.

Bastard Sword (Two-Handed): +5. Hit: 1d10 + 4 slashing damage.

Flail: +5. Hit: 1d8 + 4 bludgeoning damage.

Shield: +5. Hit: 1d4 + 4 bludgeoning damage.

Unarmed Strike: +5. Hit: 1d4 + 4 bludgeoning damage.

Hand Crossbow: +4 (range 30/120). Hit: 1d6 + 4 piercing damage.


Armor & Shield Proficiencies: All armor and shields.

Weapon Profiencies: All simple and martial weapons.

Combat Expertise – Weapon Attack Bonus: +1 bonus to attack roll when using a weapon with which he has proficiency.

Combat Expertise – Martial Damage Dice: 1d6.

Combat Expertise – Glancing Blow Maneuver: When target is missed with melee weapon attack but attack result is 10 or higher, may spend martial damage dice to turn miss into glancing blow, which is not treated as hit. Roll all spent martial damage dice. Target takes damage equal to the highest die result alone. Damage is of weapon’s damage type, but delivers no additional effect.

Parry: When hit by melee attack while wielding melee weapon or shield, can use reaction to spend martial damage dice and skill die to reduce attack’s damage. Roll all the spent martial damage dice (if any) and skill die, add up results, and reduce damage by that total. If damage drops to 0, hit becomes miss.


Size: Medium (6 ft., 2 in. tall; 179 lbs).

Languages: Common.


Noble: Son of baron and have the service of one retainer loyal to your family: Kevin. Retainer can perform mundane tasks for you, but he does not fight for you and will leave if frequently endangered or abused.

Skill Die: 1d4.

Skills: Intimidate, knowledge (heraldry), persuade, sense motive.


Weapon Mastery: When rolling martial damage dice to increase damage with attack using weapon with which he has proficiency, can reroll one or two of those dice and keep second result.


Backpack, bastard sword, crossbow bolts (10), fine clothes, flail, grappling hook, hand crossbow, healer’s kit (20 uses), hempen rope (50 ft.), mess kit, oil (5 flasks), rations (10 days), riding horse, scale mail armor, scroll of pedigree, sealing wax, shield, signet ring, tent, tinderbox, torches (10), waterskin, 39 gp


Martiris is the son of a baron and as such, he travels with his servant and squire, Kevin.

Honourable Martiris of Drayke

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