Tag: old faith


  • Renn Becker

    Renn Becker runs a dairy farm with his wife, their seven children (including young [[:keveak-becker | Keveak Becker]]), and his mother-in-law. He is a stalwart follower of the [[Old Faith]], which has driven a wedge between himself and his brother, [[: …

  • Elmo Druet

    Elmo Druet is the youngest son of Pierre and Genevieve Druet. He is a hulking brute, slow and halting of speech with a fondness for ale.

  • Otis Druet

    Otis Druet is the eldest son of Pierre and Genevieve Duet. At the request of [[:lord-burne | Lord Burne]], Otis led a group of adventurers into the monster-infested Caves of Chaos to investigate recent attacks. He saw unprecedented cooperation between the …