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  • Bertram Beswill

    Bertram was the slightly rotund and friendly owner of the Golden Grain Inn. He welcomed all guests with a smile, a joke, and a mug of frothy ale. But there was a sinister side to the innkeeper. He was killed after he attacked a group of heroes.

  • Gremag

    Gremag is a talkative female halfling with sharp features and protruding eyes. He owned the trading post in [[Hommel Lane]] with her partner, [[:raynen-daval|Raynen Daval]], until she was arrested for cooperating with a band of thieves. She escaped her …

  • Raynen Daval

    Raynen worked with her halfing partner, [[:gremag | Gremag]], in running a trading post in [[Hommel Lane]]. She was rather slow and placid, especially when compared to her talkative partner. When confronted by a party of adventurers, she admitted to …