Tag: halfling


  • Wyndell

    Wyndell is a halfling teamster who runs a transport business in Hommel Lane. He is married with six children. Lately, his business has been preyed upon by bandits. Additionally, he witnessed the possession of [[:sir-hadarai-moonbrook | Sir Moonbrook]] and …

  • Gremag

    Gremag is a talkative female halfling with sharp features and protruding eyes. He owned the trading post in [[Hommel Lane]] with her partner, [[:raynen-daval|Raynen Daval]], until she was arrested for cooperating with a band of thieves. She escaped her …

  • Enda Yate

    Enda was a petty thief in Sterich before she received an offer to lead a small army of bandits in the borderlands near [[Hommel Lane]]. The assignment sounded more profitable and less dangerous than what she was doing. She worked for a cultist who called …

  • Murve

    Murve is the eldest son of two halflings, [[:wyndell | Wyndell]] and Treenie, in [[Hommel Lane]]. He works as a teamster for his father.