Tag: dead


  • Haffron Hommel

    Haffron Hommel was the leader of the original settlers of Hommel Lane over 200 years ago. He both led in the building of the town as well as a fortified keep for protection. He mysteriously disappeared a decade later when he sacrificed himself in an …

  • Sir Hadarai Moonbrook

    Sir Hadarai Moonbrook was a elven Paladin of the [[Lawbringer]]. He was [[A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hommel Lane | possessed by an maleficent force]] while leading an expedition to assist the temple in Hommel Lane and turned on his companions. …

  • Sister Devi

    Sister Devi was an Adept in the Temple of the [[Lawbringer]] but also a traitor to the church. She secretly worshipped the [[:the-reptile-god | Reptile God]] and worked against the people of [[Hommel Lane]]. Her duplicity was discovered by a group of …

  • Brother Abramo

    Brother Abramo was once an acolyte of the [[Lawbringer]] but converted to the worship of the [[:the-reptile-god | Reptile God]]. He pretended to follow the [[Lawbringer]] until his true allegiance was revealed by a group of adventurers and he was killed.

  • Sister Philla

    Sister Philla was once an acolyte of the [[Lawbringer]] but converted to the worship of the [[:the-reptile-god | Reptile God]]. She pretended to follow the [[Lawbringer]] until er true allegiance was revealed by a group of adventurers and she was killed.

  • Bertram Beswill

    Bertram was the slightly rotund and friendly owner of the Golden Grain Inn. He welcomed all guests with a smile, a joke, and a mug of frothy ale. But there was a sinister side to the innkeeper. He was killed after he attacked a group of heroes.

  • Raynen Daval

    Raynen worked with her halfing partner, [[:gremag | Gremag]], in running a trading post in [[Hommel Lane]]. She was rather slow and placid, especially when compared to her talkative partner. When confronted by a party of adventurers, she admitted to …

  • Enda Yate

    Enda was a petty thief in Sterich before she received an offer to lead a small army of bandits in the borderlands near [[Hommel Lane]]. The assignment sounded more profitable and less dangerous than what she was doing. She worked for a cultist who called …

  • Lareth the Beautiful

    Lareth wore black plate armor that bore the symbol of his cult, a gold-trimmed red circle. He wielded a silver scepter with an ebony head, carved in the shape of a creature that looks to be a cross between a wolf and a spider. This was a depiction of his …

  • Timoneon

    Timoneon was a follower of a cult dedicated to [[Miska the Wolf-Spider]]. He was killed by a band of heroes.

  • Derek Desleigh

    Derek worked as a farmhand in the village of [[Hommel Lane]]. During his free time, he enjoyed playing the lute and would often entertain patrons at the Golden Grain Inn. However, Derek had a darker side for which he was killed.

  • Garath

    Garath was a short, bulbous human (almost frog-like in appearance). He wore green chainmail and a green shield, and was armed with a warhammer with a snake-like head. He was a priest of the [[:the-reptile-god | Reptile God]] and was killed by a party of …

  • The Reptile God

    The Reptile God was a naga, an immortal guardian that protected knowledge, rituals, magic items, and/or magical locations. It had a large serpentine body with a human-like female head full of sharp teeth. The creature had the magical ability to charm …