Shoes of Naivara Nightbreeze

Beautiful deerskin shoes


These well-made shoes are shoes of water walking. They magically enlarge or shrink to fit the owner and allow the wearer to move across a liquid surface as if it were solid ground.


The shoes are made from deerskin and burned into the heel of the inside sole is the mark of their maker: the valley elf* witch, Naivara Nightbreeze. Despite being over a century old, the shoes show very little wear and feel quite supple.

Naivara created the shoes over 150 years ago at the behest of an elf lord in the Valley of the Mage for his oldest son. The lord’s son wore the shoes while leading patrols around the Javan River in the valley before he was sent to assist the lost nation of Geoff as a scout in its conflict with Keoland in 450 CY. The lord’s son was killed in battle and the shoes found their way to Keoland, passing down from a soldier to a family line of farmers in northern Keoland. The shoes were eventually sold and became the property of a merchant captain who plied the waters of the Javan River around 50 years ago. The captain enjoyed the shoes for around 20 years before a halfling thief stole them in the river port city of Flen. The thief used him for his work around the city for many years. He was eventually killed by a dwarf for running a rigged dice game who took them along with the rest of the thief’s possessions. Not knowing of their power, the dwarf placed them in a locked chest and soon forgot about them. They lay forgotten for over a decade until another halfling thief, Enda Yate, stumbled upon them and liking their style, promptly stole them. It was until a month later, while travelling north, that Enda discovered their power. Once she learned of their magic, she decided to hide them away herself, only using them when needed, lest others learned of them and tried to steal them.

* All other elves abhor the valley elves, claiming they are not true elves at all, and shun them utterly. They have also been rejected by the elvish gods for unknown reasons.

Shoes of Naivara Nightbreeze

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