Death Circlet

Black circlet set with seven green gems


The Death Circlet is a black circlet set with seven green gems that radiates a dark, repugnant aura. Initially, the gems appear rather dull, but that may change over time. If the circlet is worn, the wearer knows that attuning to the item will reveal its properties.

Once attuned and worn, if the wearer kills a living creature, the creature’s soul will be captured by one of the circlet’s gems. A gem can hold only one soul at a time and glows with a green radiance while it contains a soul. A dead creature cannot be returned to life while its soul is captured in this manner. As an action once per day, the wearer can release two captured souls to regain 2d8 + 4 hit points. Additionally, once per day when the wearer hits with an attack, he can release seven captured souls to treat the attack as a critical hit.


The circlet is a magical artifact imbued with power from Miska the Wolf-Spider. It was thrown through a mystical connection to the demon lord and now resides in its prison.

Death Circlet

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