Chaos Blade

A sword whose blade boils as if forged of liquid metal

weapon (melee)

The Chaos Blade is obviously magical. It radiates a dark, repugnant aura as well as a dim light that fluctuates through the colors of the rainbow. The broad blade of the Chaos Blade boils as if forged of liquid metal.

Once attuned to a wielder, it grants a +1 bonus to attack rolls. When it strikes a foe, the Chaos Blade deals 3 (1d6) extra necrotic damage and heals 1 hit point of damage to its wielder. Whenever a living creature is reduced to 0 hit points or fewer by the blade, the creature dies and the wielder regains 5 (1d8 + 1) hit points. As an action, the Chaos Blade can be commanded to become a short sword, long sword, greatsword, or any similarly sized sword.


This sword is a magical artifact imbued with power from Miska the Wolf-Spider. It was thrown through a mystical connection to the demon lord and now resides in its prison.

Chaos Blade

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