A farmhand with luck on his side


Ernesto works as a farmhand in Hommel Lane.

He was once captured by an orc tribe while hunting. Initially, he thought the tribe would eat him, which was not unheard of, but apparently, there was some turmoil about his fate. The chief wanted to simply kill him and be done with it, but the shaman felt that the signs during Ernesto’s capture signified he served an important purpose. Ernesto spent a week with his fate in limbo.

The orc tribe traveled mostly at night. One night as dawn approached and the group was searching the deep woods for a likely camp site, they stumbled upon an owl bear (a huge bear-like creature with the head of an owl) and her cubs. Three of the best warriors were killed before the tribe even realized what they had encountered. Many broke and ran, including Ernesto’s guards. He quickly climbed a nearby tree to escape the carnage. The orc chief threw his personal guard against the beast to wear it down, but they barely slowed the primal force of the owl bear. Eventually, the chieftain was facing the creature alone below the very tree Ernesto had climbed. Then Ernesto heard a sharp crack as the limb upon which he was laying broke. He fell 20 feet to the ground, directly atop the owl bear. Surprised by the sudden weight, the owl bear reared up, allowing the orc chief to plunge his spear deeply into the creature’s breast and pierce its heart. With a howl, the owl bear died (and fed the tribe for many days). The chieftain thought Ernesto had intentionally attacked the owl bear, an act seemingly even more brave since he was unarmed and the other orc warriors had fled. Ernesto was accepted by the tribe and given a tribal tattoo on his back to honor the occasion. The next day he was allowed to return home.


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