Against the Cult of Chaos

Bandits Beware

Game Notes

As mentioned previously, this game is part of D&D Encounters so players may come and go as they please. The player of Brother Carell Gaunt was unable to attend this session. We did have the dramatic arrival of another character: the dwarven soldier, Brek.

Session Summary

As the party walked along the road back toward the center of town, they were surprised to see a stone sail across their path and smash into a wooden board planted in the ground. A young boy, no older than nine, quickly followed in a charge. He yelled a war cry as he swung a wooden sword into other boards near the road. All of them were inked with crude faces.

Shiellapho hailed the boy and was greeted in return. The group spent several minutes in conversation with the inquisitive lad, learning that his name was Keveak and that his family worshipped the Old Faith. ("My mom says that Lawbringers are busybodies who like to order folk around.") He also mentioned that his Uncle Varick worshipped the Lawbringer and was running for mayor of Hommel Lane. ("Dad said I couldn’t ask him if he was a busybody.") When Honourable Martiris admired the quality Keveak‘s wooden sword, Keveak explained that the sword was given to him by Warren, the carpenter’s son.

Leaving Keveak to his play, the party continued on to Wyndell’s home. Wyndell greeted them warmly and was happy to learn of their interest in stopping the bandit attacks that had plagued his wagons. Wyndell believed that a likely location for the bandit lair was a ruined moat house roughly four hours to the north (matching what Tarryn had been told by Druid Ramne). He gave the group directions to the ruins and told them that he would be willing to reward them for their efforts, especially if they could return with some of his goods that had been stolen.

The group decided to wait until the next day to tackle the bandit problem since the day was already half over. Additionally, Brother Carell was not feeling well so it was hoped he could join them the next day. He went to the temple to rest.

With the afternoon to kill, the party decided to visit some of the shops in town. The first place they visited was the trading post. It was a large wooden building with an adjacent warehouse. Upon entering, they were immediately greeted by one of the owners: Gremag, a halfling female. She introduced the group to her less-talkative human partner, Raynen Daval, and welcomed them to browse the shop’s wares. Tarryn found and purchased some crossbow bolts, but no other items caught the party’s interest.

The group next visited the town pawnshop. The sturdy building had reinforced doors and shutters to discourage thieves. Additionally, the shop was protected by a human guard and his large guard drakes (i.e., lizards with sharp teeth). The owner of the shop was a female dwarf named Nira Haskali. As the party browsed Nira‘s wares, Shiellapho tried to cast detect magic but was quickly stopped by Nira, who warned the wizard that she did not allow spell-casting in her store. A moment later with a thunderclap and a burst of blinding light, a dwarf magically appeared. He was dressed in armor and armed with several axes, but held his hands open in peace when the pawnshop’s guard moved in. He explained that his name was Brek and that the cube he held was the Continuum Transfunctioner, a magical item that randomly teleported him. He apologized to Nira for disturbing her shop. His mention of a magic item caught Shiellapho’s attention, which quickly turned into monetary offers for the unusual device. Nira did not take well to a customer undermining her business and immediately told Shiellapho to leave. Once the elf had left, Nira made her own offers for the device, but dropped the matter once Brek explained that he could not control the cube’s teleportation and that it always returned to his possession. With the excitement ended, everyone left the shop.

Once he was outside, Brek was immediately approached by Shiellapho who wanted to learn more about the Continuum Transfunctioner. He offered to buy Brek several beers as they discussed the matter. Brek readily agreed so the group proceeded to the Slumbering Serpent Tavern.

As the group approached the tavern’s porch, they were met and welcomed by one of the tavern’s owners, Belba Cralloon, who escorted them inside. The party ordered drinks and meals, which were all served by Belba’s husband, Ollwin. As Brek knocked back his beers in true dwarven fashion, he explained that he was a sergeant in the army of Bissel posted to the city of Thornwald. A few months ago while on patrol, his squad investigated a commotion in a narrow ally. They found the body of a man in robes, presumably a wizard, lying next to the charred remains of two other men. Brek happened to notice a cube lying in the shadows. When he picked it up, he felt parts of it shift, and the next thing he knew, he was teleported away. He has been teleported at random times to random locations ever since. He spent several days in the free city of Greyhawk, where he found sages who told him that the cube was the Continuum Transfunctioner, a magical item whose mystery was only exceeded by its power.

As evening approached, Brother Edmund took his leave and went to his temple seeking lodgings. Sister Devi found him a place to sleep and he remained there the rest of the night. The rest of the party, including Brek, eventually left the tavern and moved to the Golden Grain Inn. Brek obtained a room (and a few more beers) while the group worked the same deals that they had the previous night. After everyone at the inn was entertained by the antics of Shiellapho, Tarryn, and Tawnka, the party went to bed.

The next morning, the group prepared to confront the bandits at the moat house. Unfortunately, when they checked on Brother Carell, he was too ill to travel with them. He promised to join up with them if he felt better later in the morning. Upon hearing that they were short-handed, Brek offered to journey with them to end the bandit threat. His offer was quickly accepted by the party and they started their journey.

Led by Tarryn, the group had no problems following the moat house directions given to them by Wyndell on the previous day. After roughly four hours of travel through the forests, they came upon the crumbling stone keep in the middle of a broad clearing. The second floor of the keep had collapsed down to ground level and a water-filled moat extended around the ruined building.

A rotting, but intact, wooden bridge crossed the moat to the keep’s main doors. The doors hung off their hinges, appearing as if they had been smashed with a battering ram in the distant past. Muddy, human-sized footprints as well as wheel impressions could be seen tracking across the bridge. The party also noticed two enormous frogs watching them. One frog was mostly submerged in the murky waters of a small pond along a trail to the keep. The other was hiding in the moat.

The group decided that it would be best to attack the giant amphibians before the frogs had a chance to attack them. The crossbows and spells of the heroes proved quit efficient in killing the frogs, although Brother Edmund was pulled off his feet and bitten during the battle.


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